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Reshma & Sudesh
29 July 2013
I never thought ever in my life I will meet my life partner through online matrimony like ? unbelievable? One of my friends just insisted me to open account on My parents were already started looking suitable groom for me in traditional method. I thought like let me help my parents in this mission and I opened account on though I was very much sure that I will not find my Mr. Right this way but I was wrong? I received first SMS from Shaadi on 3/09/2010 saying that I have received interest ? I said ok another interest .. I took another 4-5 days to reply. I went to his profile ? read it again and again about his expectations? I like it but still I was doubtful I don?t know how actually this person will be ? I accepted the interest?. We exchange email ID and mobile number? but still I wanted some time so I just started communication with him by e-mail? he wanted to talk to me on phone ? since I don?t wanted to rush very fast to any conclusion we exchange our like dislike by e-mail ? after 4-5 days of communication I called him ?. It was half hour conversation ? I fill comfortable while talking to him?. Then we decided to meet ? on November end we meet first time? it was long drive he drop me at home, in a first date I found him more or less to my expectations of life partner, very understanding and mature.. by the time I enter in home I received very romantic SMS from him? Then the second step comes to involve our parents? we both informed our family. There was no objection any other said ... like me he impressed my parents too. While all this process was going on we were meeting every day? falling in love? dreaming of spending rest of our life together. And finally we got engaged in small family ceremony on 29/10/2010 and got married soon on May 14th 2011!!! Thank you your team is doing wonderful job?.